Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by living organisms. While commonly associated with sea creatures, humans possess some of the same abilities that can have multiple implications when it comes to health and wellness. While we cannot really see the light given off my humans with the naked eye, it can be detected with the use of proper equipment. It just so happens that this light has been detected when it comes to certain healing arts and meditation. Light seems to increase with intention and subsides when the healing session is over. This alone demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the human body and just how intrinsic of a connection there is between mind and body.


Living creatures can produce and emit light in a process known as bioluminescence. Although Darwin noted sea creatures that glowed with light upon physical disturbance, Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, was the first to observe bioluminescence among living organisms in 350 B.C. Researchers called this phenomenon chemiluminescence as they believed that light was emitted due to a chemical reaction occurring inside living organisms. It is not a rare phenomenon, and according to an estimate around 75 percent of sea creatures are bioluminescent. What about the human body? Are we also bioluminescent? Yes! The human body is also capable of emitting visible light, but the produced light is too weak to be detected by the human eye. Only using ultra-sensitive cameras in the darkness can we see the amazing bioluminescence capabilities we all possess.

The Process of Bioluminescence in Humans

Scientists have had their suspicions regarding human bioluminescence for years. Since we emit a weaker form of light than that of sea creatures we can see with the naked eye, it has proved difficult to capture the constantly fluctuating light from humans with instruments of the past. This wonderful “light show” of sorts is caused by metabolic reactions occurring in the body. Free radicals produced as a result of these metabolic processes interact with proteins and lipids, forming excited molecules. These excited molecules can react with fluorophores emitting photons (light). However, the phenomena is used by sea creatures or fireflies to attract a mate or in response to an attack, but in humans no evolutionary purpose has been studied up until now. When it comes to humans, the process of bioluminescence is more precisely called biophotons which means “photons or light particles emitted by the human body”. These are continually generated in the body and are emitted by the body surface.

The metabolic processes of bioluminescence in humans share the same mechanism as almost all living creatures, so biophotons are likely emitted by most other living creatures. However, in some, like humans, these are ultra-weak and near impossible to detect with the naked eye. As an alternative, special photon counters are required to pick them up. An experiment was carried out to study the relationship between free radicals and the emission of biophotons. In this, a photomultiplier tube was used along with a charge-coupled camera. The human skin was charged with stress in the form of ultraviolet (U.V.) rays or cigarette smoke and the enhancement of biophoton emission was clearly seen. Additionally, applying antioxidants or ascorbic acid demonstrated a reduction in biophoton emission.

Biophotons and Prana

The connection between mind and body is the basis of many healing processes like yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic medicine. All these processes eradicate the negative energy (oxidative damage or the free radicals) from the body, causing the body to revitalize with positive energy. Researchers have shown a link between biophotons and the connection between mind and body in maintaining health and wellbeing. According to Ayurveda, prana is a life force bridging the physical body and subtle energies (mind and emotions). Our bodies have different layers. Prana is the layer lying between mind and body. Prana is the key to life and the electromagnetic fuel that revitalizes every cell and tissue of the body.

Biophotons are also proposed to be a control signal in the theory of acupuncture. Further, the process of meditation also increases biophoton emission. Control and communication are two components between and within the cells for maintaining homeostasis. It is thought that this is achieved by neurological and biochemical means. Biophotons are now considered to achieve control and communication between body cells. Biophotons are thought to be equivalent to Qi energy, the concept that is being used in Prana in Ayurveda, yoga, and in traditional Chinese medicine.

Researchers believe biophotons are the body's subtle energy information carriers and are the body's energy system. Photons are quantum particles that can be expressed as electromagnetic quantum fields or particles. Biophotons act as a bridge between physical matter and unmanifest quantum fields, as described in physics. In Ayurveda, these photons can be described in relation between the body and mind. Just like many quantum theories, Ayurveda also suggests that unified quantum fields are known to the consciousness. According to Ayurveda, the cause behind all the illnesses is at the junction between mind (consciousness) and body (matter). That can be described as the junction between quantum particles and quantum fields.

The body, spirit, and mind are considered to function as a whole. A problem arises when the body starts to function independently from the mind. Research suggests that biophotons take part in non-chemical, no-contact cell-to-cell communication. These light particles are stored in the cellular DNA that can communicate over long distances within the body. When damage occurs in DNA from any cause, it cannot hold biophotons which results in an increased number of free radicals and ultimately enhanced emission of biophotons. Studies have also found that biophoton emission can be altered with deliberate intention thus forming the basis of distance healing. They can also be used for therapeutic purposes when emitted intentionally, as in the practice of yoga or meditation. However, there is still much more to learn in the field of biophotons, power of intention, and moving prana as they all seem to function at a point where quantum particles and frequencies meet.

How Can You Alter Bioluminescence?

Various studies have found that the emission of light particles (biophotons) or the phenomenon of bioluminescence can be altered with deliberate intention. According to the Bokkons hypothesis, focused intentions produce biophysical images in the brains which cause an increase in the emission of biophotons. This can also be explained in relation to Einstein's theory dubbed “spooky action at a distance” in which entangled photons change instantaneously over large distances. Similarly, biophotons emitted from the body during focussed intention can interact with other photons at a distance.

The Link Between Meditation and Bioluminescence

In humans, the skin is the organ emitting or receiving biophotons which ultimately means that it is a biophoton trapping system. This emission or receiving of biophoton can be altered by intention, as seen in meditation. Meditators and energy healers use this phenomenon to transfer energies from one person to another. Various biochemical and physiological shifts occur during the process of meditation. To study this process, the Bioenergy Laboratory at the Rhine Centre has detected the emission of electromagnetic radiation during this focussed intent through meditation and other healing activities. Ultraviolet light and sensitive infrared detention equipment were used as these are most capable in detecting ultra-weak light particles emitted from the participants. Around 100 participants were studied, including energetic healers and meditators. The experiment’s aim was to measure the electromagnetic radiation (photon/second) and whether the participants could control emissions intentionally. The study showed that the participants produced heat or radiation on their forehead and palms when they began the healing process and when they stopped, it subsided as well.

Similarly, another U.V. detection study also demonstrated that the participants emitted three to 1000 times the baseline U.V. radiations intentionally. The change in projected U.V. light readings began with the start of their activities and subsided when the activity stopped. It showed that healers and meditators could emit light energy intentionally that can be detected by light-sensitive equipment. This method is believed to be used in healing methods like meditation, in which the healers intentionally generate and transfer energies. Further research in this area may help to identify the invisible forces around us thus facilitating the generation and transfer of energies that can assist in the healing of humans.

The Effect of Crystals on Humans

People are now turning towards alternative medicine now more than ever to manage their ailments including yoga, acupuncture, tai chi, and healing crystals. It is believed that all problems or illnesses occur due to an imbalance in energies in that negative energies in the body supersede the positive or good energies. There are various crystals, each having their own healing abilities for the body, mind, and soul. They are known to enhance the flow of good energy and rid the body of negative energy for emotional and physical healing.

Just like everything else in the universe, humans also have their own vibrational frequency. Higher vibrations tend to radiate kindness, love, compassion, and peace while lower vibrations radiate negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, anxiety, and fear. For humans, this vibrational frequency is typically very unstable and is easily influenced by a person’s surrounding environment. On the other hand, crystals have stable frequency due to fixed, regular geometric patterns of molecules. How does this stability affect human energy? It is believed that all surroundings have an impact on people. In the same way, the stability of a crystal means good energy that influences energies around it. Crystal can profoundly have an impact on humans' unstable energies. They work by channelizing energy levels focussing on healing from the inside within the mind, body, and soul. In simplistic terms, it can be said that crystals act as a magnet that absorbs all the negative energy from the body and replaces it with more positive energy.

Herkimer Diamonds in Amplifying the Body's Energy

Herkimer diamonds are a type of quartz first discovered in the 18th century in Herkimer, New York, USA. It is an extremely high vibrational stone and referred to as a 'stone of attunement’. Herkimer diamonds act as a powerful amplifier and can take humans to the highest possible spiritual vibration while remaining inside the physical body. Due to its distinctive and harmonious vibration and energy levels, the Herkimer diamond is widely used in healing processes such as with meditation. They promote better channelling, enhance communication with the spirit, purify the energy field, and attune to the white light of the divine. The energy from the Herkimer diamond is said to put humans at ease while being in an uncomfortable environment and will lead our minds in guidance of the right direction in difficult situations.  

Aside from its healing power and promotion of positive energy in the body, the Herkimer diamond possesses many other beneficial and positive health qualities. It also aids in physical healing. For example, if someone is having pain in any part of the body, placing this crystal on the aching part will lead to pain alleviation after a few minutes. It also helps in boosting immunity by making the immune system more effective in fighting illnesses. Herkimer diamonds are also known to enhance vision by boosting perception and visionary abilities. Studies have also shown that Herkimer diamonds, when used with other crystals, amplify the effects of the other crystals. Many other crystals are used in healing processes with different frequencies which have different impacts on human energies. Among them, jasper, rose quartz, obsidian, turquoise, citrine, amethyst, bloodstone, sapphire, moonstone, and ruby are commonly used.


The Human body emits light particles in the form of biophotons and can also be referred to as bioluminescence. This phenomenon is more seen in marine animals or fireflies. Studies have demonstrated that the emission of biophotons by humans is linked to free radicals generated by metabolic processes. This emission of biophotons by human skin is the basis for many healing methods or alternative medicine. The emission of these light particles or the process of bioluminescence in humans can be controlled by focused intent, the method most healers and meditators use. This intentional biophoton emission is a form of energy production or generation that is transferred from one person to another for the purpose of healing and other benefits. Science has shown us that bioluminescence in humans is an exquisite form of energy emission and absorption such as that found with many alternative therapies. Various crystals are also known to promote healing from the inside by emitting all the negative energy from the body and infusing positive energy like that in bioluminescence. Meditation and energy healers use these crystals to promote healing as well as to energize the human body, mind, and soul.

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