Energy and Consciousness the Next Frontiers in Medicine

Depending on who you ask, consciousness can mean human spirit, soul, or awareness. Whether it arises from brain activity or a universal force, what we do know is that it directly influences our health. Advancements in technology, science, and medicine today are showing that the conventional model of surgery and prescription drugs are not only inadequate but that also better alternatives exist. We are talking about energy-based healing methods. 

According to Lynne McTaggart, an award-winning journalist, best-selling author, lecturer, and alternative medicine activist, quantum physics is gradually proving what ancient medical practitioners believed; that there is a magical and/or mystical connection between all things. Energy-based therapies are becoming much more efficient in healing the body than chemistry-based methods.

Healing Touch Energy Therapy

Healing Touch is a self-healing energy practice that incorporates gentle hand placements on various body parts with a view to re-shape and re-align a person’s energy field. In the process, it is believed to expedite healing and restore the health of the body, mind, and spirit. The premise of this energy therapy practice is that the human body is made up of energy fields that are always n interaction with other energy fields surrounding us. 

How Does Healing Touch Work?

According to Martha E. Rogers, who was a nurse theorist and pioneer of the Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB), human being energy field are concentrated within the physical body. However, she noted that there are other energy fields that are found beyond the physical body in an imperceptible realm. To maintain universal order, these energy fields are constantly being exchanged with other people’s energy fields as well as those found in the environment. 

This allows expert third parties, such as healing touch practitioners, to interact with a person’s energy field using various techniques. In turn, abnormal energy pathways are restored and any existing blockages to vital energy flow are removed. The patient will then start to absorb more universal energy allowing healing to take place. 

Another pillar of the Healing Touch method is the caring relationship created between the practitioner and the patient. This contributes to stress level reduction while improving the general wellbeing of the patient. This is believed to trigger a relaxation response that allows healing to occur.

According to a renowned energy healer and gifted psychic, Ron Lavin, he possesses clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant abilities. This means he can see, hear, know, and feel the energy of other people and spirit. Many of Lavin’s students at his One Light Healing Touch organizations in Germany and the United States have experienced the extraordinary healing capabilities of this energy therapy method. 

Qi gong

Qigong is an ancient healing and exercise practice that incorporates a various set of meditation, movements, and controlled breathing exercises. “Qi” refers to vital energy, spirit, or breath while “gong” refers to mastery. Together, the term may loosely mean “mastery of one’s vital energy”. Qigong is considered as the foundation of all martial arts. 

How Does Qi gong Work?

Qigong takes hundreds, if not thousands, of forms. These can be broadly classified into:

  • Medical Qi gong
  • Martial Qi gong
  • Spiritual Qi gong

All these involve one or a combination of the following:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Guided imagery
  • Postures
  • Meditations
  • Massage

Qi gong healers have mastered the practice of every movement and technique. It is believed that mastery of “Qi” enables one to emit “Qi” for the welfare of the others. In one interview, Qigong Master, Kenneth Cohen asserted that he has seen so many “extraordinary benefits that qigong has had on cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Much of this is supported by very good published research”.

A 2011 scientific review of health benefits attributed to Qigong and Tai Chi was conducted by a body of experts drawn from various renowned institutions including The Institute of Integral Qi gong and Tai Chi, Arizona State University College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation, and the University of North Carolina. The study was able to confirm the efficacy of these methods in supporting bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness, and physical function among others. The researchers concluded by noting that, “a substantial number RCTs have demonstrated consistent, positive results especially when the studies are designed with limited activity for controls”

A Brief Word on Mental Imagery

The mind and the body are two sides of the same coin. They are practically inseparable. What had long been suspected by ancient healing practitioners across the world has been confirmed by modern science. The influence exerted on the body by the mind is without a doubt tremendous thanks to the constant communication facilitated by a plethora of neurotransmitters and receptors. 

Dr. Gerald Epstein, clinical professor of psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York and author of best selling ‘Healing Visualizations: Creating Health Through Imagery’, believes that mental imagery can cure all forms of physical ailments. It is upon healing practitioners to know what switches to turn on. These sentiments are shared by Dr. Deepak Chopra who acknowledges that modern Western medicine does not place as much significance into the mind as it should. Epstein further notes that “mental imagery has a long and distinguished history. It goes back to ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East”

More research into energy medicine is certainly required. However, what we know so far is that it touches the mind and the soul – the spirit of humanity – in a way that modern western medicine is yet to do. A growing number of experts now believe that self-healing energy practices could fill the gap left by modern medicine.

Author Brian Rose Founder and CEO

Author Brian Rose Founder and CEO

I know firsthand what it’s like to live a fast-paced, high-stress life. I spent twenty years as a Stockbroker and Military Police Officer, serving the country overseas and at the Atlanta Summer Olympics. For years, I felt over-stimulated, unfocused, and completely depleted of energy. I had lost my vitality and sense of self-care in pursuit of success. Unknowingly to me, my body and mind were trying to tell me that enough was enough. Despite the warning signs my body was giving me, I didn’t want to give up my ambitions. At this point in my life, I knew there had to be a way for me to work hard, maintain my health, and gain success, all at the same time. 

This revelation led me on a journey that revealed to me how I could lead a life full of vitality and increased longevity, without giving up my dreams. Equipped with new energy and a fully powered mind, I created a company that could help others begin their neural enhancement journey to realize their biggest dreams. Built on the foundation of a passion for personal wellness and success, KIYA Longevity was born.  

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